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Link to John Damari Paintings By Title

Lousie's Wee Crofts Jura Argyll,

Maw Browns Croft Slockavullan Kilmartin Argyll

The Crocodile Rock Millport Looking towards Arran

Sunset over the Croft Isle of Harris

Wee Croft Looking Towards Ailsa Craig Ayrshire

Lorna's Wee Croft at the Ross of Mull

Jock's Wee Croft Loch Awe Argyle

Woodman's Shed in the Woods

Crofts at Scarnish Inner Hebrides

Donald's Wee Crofts Garrabost Isle of Lewis

Jonny's Wee Crofts Argyll

The Boat Mans House Crinan Argyll

Storm Over Crofts Kilmartin Argyll

Storm Over Crofts

Dell's Wee Crofts Benmore

Morning Storm Over the Croft

Storm Over the Crofts Argyll

Moonlight Storm Over the Crofts Argyll

Archie's Wee Crofts Argyl

Wash Day Blues at Mary's Croft

Carol's Wee Crofts Argyll

Colonsey Looking Towards the Papps of Jura

Crofts in the Woods Poltalloch Argyll

Iona's Wee Crofts Grasspoint Isle of Mull

Jamie's Wee Croft Drumvore Argyll

Lorreta's Wee Crofts Knapdale Argyll

Maggie's Wee Crofts in the woods Pennyghael Mull

May's Wee Croft Lochbuie Isle of Mull

Moonlit Night  North Uist

Moonlit Night at Callum's Wee Croft Argyll

Moonlit Night at Flora's Wee Crofts Knapdale Argyll

Moonlit Night at Gill's Wee Croft Argyll

Moonlit Night at Nelly's Wee Crofts Loch Awe Argyll

Moonlit Night at the Croft Isle of Mull

Moonlit Night at the Croft's Argyll

Moonlit Night at the Crofts Crinan Argyll

Amilfi looking towards Positano

Rome Pompii Capri-Sorento

Farm near Montefiorale

Florentine Olive Grove Tuscany

Mama Ginas Tuscany

Olive Groves at San Atimo Tuscany

 Poppies at San Donato Tuscany

Poppies at San Donato Tuscany ver 2

Poppies at San Gimignano Tuscany 

Casa Giovanni Cimbano Tuscany

Casa Mia Spicciano Tuscany

Casa Mia Spicciano Tuscany ver 2

Casa Mia Spicciano Sunflowers Tuscany

Moonlight sailing to the Indis 

The Crocodile Rock Millport looking towards Arrant

Sailing at the Minch W East

Keilmore Argyll Looking Towards the Papps of Jura

Colonsey Looking Towards the Papps of Jura

Crofts at Scarnish Inner Hebrides

Crofts on North Uist Outer Hebrides Island Clan Donald

Mackay Country Sailing Towards Tounge

Moonlit Reflections Loch Awe Argyll

Moonlit Reflections on the Isle of Mull

Sunset Light on the Isle Colonsey

The Washing Line at the Crofts Benbecula

Wee Croft North Uist Outer Hebrides

Wee Croft on Uist Outer Hebrides

Wee Crofts at Sollas North Uist 

Wee Crofts Borve Isle of Lewis

Heraldic Crest 1 of 2 Chillingham Castle

Heraldic Crest 2 of 2 Chillingham Castle

Sunsert at Manmsha

Poppies and Daisies in The Pink

Daisies Poppies and Pansies

Chrysanthemums an Explosion of Colour

Daisies Poppies and Butterfly

Daisies Poppies and Pansies

Explosion of Colour Chrysanthemums

Maria in the Red Dress

Flying Scotsman Royal Bridge Berwick

The Joker

Poppies And Daisies

Poppies And Daisies

Poppies and Daisies

Foxgloves, Poppies and Monkshood

The Cockerel

The Forbidden Fruits

Cockerel on One Leg

Cockerel in Anticipation

Cockerel in the Snow

Cockerel Dancer

Cockerel Herbert

The Cockerel Looks On

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