All work is oil on canvas unless stated otherwise
Prices on Application

Wee Crots And Boats Isle of Arran
Iona's Wee Crofts Looking On Towards Jura
Crofts at Pennygheal Loch Scridain Isle of Mull
Crofts And Boats Seliebost Island of Harris
Crofts and boats Seliebost Island of Harris
Bule An Mare Seliebost Isle of Harris
Egg Asd Rum  From Ardnamurcha
Wee Crofts Looking From The Island of Arran
Wee Crofts Outer Hebrides Island of Coll
Ionas Wee Croft Pennyghae isle of Mull
Colonsey looking towards the Papps of Jura
Ionas Wee croft Grasspoinr
James Wee Croft Drumvore
Sunset At The Croft Argyll
Lorretas Wee Crofts Knapdale Argyll
Maggies Wee Crofts In THe Woods Pennyghar Mull
Mays Wee Crofts Lochbuie Isle of Mull
Moonliit Night North Uist
Archiebald Campbells Wee Croft Glen Shira Argyll
Crofts At Scarnish Inner Hebrides
Donalds Wee Croft Garrabost Isle of Lewis<
Ionas Wee Croft Isle of Mull
Ionas Wee Croft Grasspoint Isle of Mull
Ionas Wee Croft Pennyghae Isle of Mull
Jonhys Wee Croft Pennyghae Argyll