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All work is oil on canvas unless stated otherwise
Prices on Application

Moonlight sailing to the Indis, oil on canvas by John Damari
The Crocodile Rock Millport looking towards Arran, oil on canvas by John Damari
Sailing at the Minch W East, oil on canvas by John Damari
Keilmore Argyll looking towards the Papps of Jura oil on canvas 76x61
Colonsey looking towards the papps of Jura 60x60
Crofts at Scarnish inner Hebrides 80x80 cm
Crofts on North Uist outer Hebrides island clan Donald 76x60
Mackay country Sailing towards Tounge 107x76
Moonlit reflections Loch Awe Argyll 40 x40
Moonlit Reflections on the Isle of Mull 107x69
Sunset light on the Isle colonsey 40x40
the washing line at the Crofts BenBecula oil on canvas created 18-4-16 118x82
wee croft nort uist outer hebrides 51x40
Wee Croft on Uist outer hebrides 30x30
Wee crofts at Sollas North Uist 61x46
Wee crofts Borve isle of Lewis 60x40